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  • Congrats! Yep dad bike for our 19 month old. He's starting to feel comfortable in it now (and me with him riding in it) but not sure how long that will last.

    Bars are BLB Big Smoke bars. I previously had a BMX stem and Surly Sunrise bars on it but the TT is short and it was quite cramped. Feel much better now.

  • Thanks! I had my first one in a Hamax seat from about a year old, and there's a definite learning curve. My old Kaffenback had such short chainstays that I felt I was about to do a wheelie half the time.

    Thanks for the bar ID. Big Smokes do look like the best/cheapest option - but are your Surly bars up for grabs, by any chance?

  • Yeah I prefer the position of the weeride over a rear mount bike seat but it does mean I have to ride in a wide leg stance.

    The Big Smokes are great. Could maybe do with being a touch wider but thats probably the psychology of having wide bars on everything. I was tempted by the Nitro HiHi bars but Blue Lug have been put of stock for a while and they are a good bit more expensive.

    At the moment I'm keeping the Sunrise bars to try on another bike but if I do decide to part with them I'll let you know.