• I've only spotted this thread now so appreciate I'm late to the game but perhaps all hope is not lost with summer coming!

    If you go to a plumbers suppliers you can get a can of gas leak detector spray which is sort of like fancy soapy water but it's very very good at finding leaks!

    I've also had a similar-ish sort of experience with finding leaks in a capillary tube heating system which had been plastered into a ceiling... ended up purchasing a medical grade amplified stethoscope and testing my patience to enormous levels but got there in the end!

    Do you feel like the sealant they've provided is adequately sealing the leaks once you do find them or could there be an argument for looking into some sort of alternative sealing products?
    Would it be worth purchasing a second zip to give you access at the front end?

    Hope it can be resurrected!


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