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  • Evening bag modding…

    I have been a bit undecided on bags for this. I’m not keen on racks for now, and my rides are not overly long and don’t usually involve overnights (flask and jacket being my main needs). As such, this needs a moderately sized saddle/bar bag type thing - frame bags being out because a) it’s a Riv and b) downtube shifters say no. Having sampled the goods from some (too many) of the big cool bag names, most of them have either been too big or too small and frankly too fancy. I have a feeling the swift catalyst pack may be exactly what I need, but I’ve already bought one expensive thing from America and another would be too much right now. I’d also prefer something a bit more… domestic.

    This nice Carradice Audax in a rather fetching blue (complimentary or clashing…? we shall see) caught my eye some time ago. It is not only very lightweight but also very saggy. I mean, even a bagman won’t fix this unless it’s stuffed to the brim.

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