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  • At the end of last year, having realised my riding habits had changed significantly since ordering, I cancelled my order for a Fairlight Strael. I told myself I’d squirrel the money away sensibly and continue to enjoy a more functional type of cycling with the perfectly acceptable bikes I had. All went well for about a month.

    Then, Rivendell started putting downtube shifter bosses on their bikes again. This may seem like no big deal, but it was something I had felt was missing given their ethos and I had resolved that if one ever came up for sale with d/t bosses I’d snap it up.

    So, at the news that they would be pre-selling a bunch of A Homer Hilsen frames with d/t shifter bosses I was hooked. Did it matter that I didn’t know the geometry or that the chain stays were suuuuper long? I told myself no. I know very little about bicycle geometry and am perfectly happy for Grant to tell me how it should be.

    So, I set about measuring and re-measuring my PBH like a maniac and braced myself for the pre-sale. I was there waiting nice and early (I needn’t have, they didn’t sell particularly fast) and snapped myself up a 54.5 Homer. I had no money left, so it sat in a box at my parents from about mid-December to this week, whereupon I retrieved it.

    Probably less of a build thread, it’s somewhere I hope to document the life of the bike. I have always told myself I’d do a project thread and always fail because I’m too impatient. So this time I’ll try a bit harder. To be continued…

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