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  • I cannot understand anyone justifying the senseless murder of children.

    Who's doing that? Not me, not Bulman. Yes, his whataboutism can make him come across as an apologist for Putinism if you're minded to take it that way, but his questions are valid even if his conclusions are simplistic.

    I'm not going to get involved in the thread or any further discussion, I stand on my record with respect to Ukraine, which goes back to the Euromaidan days.

    ETA: Also, dry your eyes mate and read what Bulman actually wrote, because your response to him shows that, blinded by anger, you read the opposite meaning to the words he used.

  • I have re-read his comments and you are wrong. He justifies the invasion by saying the USA does the same so Russia is within it’s right to do the same. This is playground logic and I am not aware of the USA invading another country for the purposes of access to a sea port in recent years.
    I am very annoyed by this - as you may have gathered, hence the post here. I respect people’s opinions but only to a point.
    A line must be drawn at some point in any divisive discussion and, in my opinion, that guy overstepped that line. I am really annoyed by his public attitude and others willingness to accept his point of view. I mention my ‘friend’ who is of a similar of not exact opinion; he now has told me that the Holocaust didn’t happen and the word ‘Holocaust’ was not a word until the 1970’s when it was resurrected from some ancient language. Again, he could be right but I will choose to disagree with him because I have principles. Mental illness is all around us. Trying to find middle ground with diametrically opposed views is almost impossible and I am not the person to try - the invasion is wrong, the murder of innocents is wrong, the devastation to towns and cities is wrong. We live in a civilised society - am I wrong again? Time to start building a bunker and becoming a survivalist like my ‘friend’????

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  • There’s no justification in his posts, you seem to be totally misreading them (and then overreacting).

    Asking why one war/imperial power is presented as uniquely monsterous when another has done similar things, is not justifying anything. It’s not even providing the author’s personal viewpoint on the morality of each situation!


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