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  • had a dirty weekend on Ortigia (Syracusa) there’s some amazing archeology just to the north, greek amphitheater and the ‘ear of Dionysius’ which is a big cave where people where locked up but it’s like an echo chamber so the guards could hear everything you said.
    there is a BBC program about Sicily that features a lot of the sites (Dan Snow?)
    i really regret not going into the church in the main square as it has greek/roman/christian/muslim architectural features built on top of each other.
    would definitely go back and explore more of the island particularly Etna but we were on foot and just had a couple of days.

  • This is amazing. Thank you.
    It's a bit of puzzle at the moment as we're keen on two weeks. The general consensus is to do the island loop, but that feels disingenuous to the place in ignoring the middle.
    I'm massively keen on Roman history at the moment for some reason, so would love to see some sights.

    Time, however, is always something to fight against.


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