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  • Bad experience in the end with

    Ordered a BLB Flat Crown 1" fork and five 5mm 1" spacers.

    Can't really blame the store for shipping as this was down to DHL but it took over two weeks to get here so it doesn't start well.

    They sent me 10mm spacers instead of 5mm, no notice at all, just crossed "5mm" with a pen in the invoice that came in the package and wrote "10mm". The fork they sent me is not the BLB one. It's also chromed and identical in looks but completely different rake and axle to crown measurements. So I ordered two specific items and got neither of them.

    I asked to return the fork and either get a refund or the proper fork I ordered and they replied quickly saying I got the right fork and that this one was made in the same Taiwan factory as the BLB one, as well as saying there is a chart on the description of the article with all the measurements. I don't remember it being there at the time I bought it but fair enough, still if I'm ordering an item advertised as BLB Flat Crown fork I'm expecting to receive that exact fork with the measurements I already know it has!

    They have since removed all references to "BLB" in the fork's page and changed the item name to just "Flat crown fork" but my invoice of course mentions it.

    I will just try to sell the fork locally because from their wording it seems they are expecting me to ship it back to Germany at my own cost if I want a refund. Also, them saying it needs to be "asbolutely unused" also makes me believe they'd consider the marks from the crown race enough to refuse it.

    Annoyed about the spacers as well because I have too many 10mm ones already and was specifically looking for smaller...


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