• particularly about the block of marble analogy!

    The block of marble analogy works if you already believe that you're creating a masterpiece.

    I think the analogy is just as valid if you replace David with a swimming pool of marble dust.


    From that perspective, our new and fancy computational blocks are a bit like blocks of marble, and proof-of-work is a bit like looking at a beautiful marble statue large pit of finely ground dust. It is immediately obvious that a lot of work went into creating the statue pit. Cheating is extremely hard, because creating such a glorious statue large pit without actually doing the work is pretty much impossible. You can’t throw a block of marble against a wall and everything which is not David will fall off it immediately explodes into uniformly fine dust. It’s not impossible, but it is very, very, very unlikely. Instead, you have to chisel away at the marble, and you have to do it properly and with care.

  • Exactly what I'm saying. The block of marble analogy only preaches to the choir

    The view that many others may take is that the by-product of all the work is largely of no use - à la the pit of dust. Sure, it reinforces the 'building an energy wall' analogy mentioned in the article.

    Or it just adds another pile of dust to an existing extremely large pile that a would-be attacker would need to slowly clear away if they were compromising the system, using yet more industry to do so. But it's all just busy work


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