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  • continuing to update in the hope that it's of some use to someone

    Another wee mile or so of gravel up behind Cathkin Braes (Blue); a worthwhile detour. FWIW the tarmac is lovely up round there too. Lots of paths marked in the Former landfill site but looks to be shut off completely

    Note the red X: I went up to the farm from Cathkin Road and the (I presume) farmer told me there was no through road. It's clearly not true because the road is on the map and you can access the other side of it, looks muddy.
    Not sure what the law is about rights of way on roads in farms but without a fight its a no

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  • I’ve done yer blue route, never tried the road up to the red X but don’t really remember seeing a junction on the blue route anyway so…

    There’s a nice gravel path through to the marshland too. Also Coulter’s wood out towards the museum of rural life it’s worth a look.


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