• Thought I’d start up a thread for this one as it’s pretty special.

    24/28” pink and white lo pro, built by Colin Laing in Middlesbrough in the mid 80s for Sandy Gilchrist’s shop up in Edinburgh.

    It was raced by Ian Condie as a fixed tt bike. Who sold it to a lad in Shoreditch early last year in pretty exceptional condition. I purchased the frame from him a few months ago and have been planning out the build.

    I also spoke to Sandy himself, who had a very similar bike built, and recently found the fork underneath his house when moving! His being Columbus not Reynolds and having curvy tubes, with the same paint scheme/ wheel sizing.

    The plan is full Italian components, c record group, ambrosio rims/rear disc and ideally a nice 24” ambrosio disc for the front in the long run (I can dream).

    So far I’ve managed to gather:

    • La84 bullhorn bars - 42
    • C record pista crankset 165mm
    • Ambrosio Aerodynamic 24” rim 28h
    • Vittoria tubs
    • Benotto white tape

    Will update the thread when I make some progress, any suggestions are welcomed :)

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