• Probably off topic but has anyone used JustPark? I need to bring my car to London for two days and am staying near Regents Park. I don't really want to use an NCP or QPark but have also no recommendation for JustPark. Obviously no hotel has actual parking round there either...

  • Park it near someone house on the street, preferbly with free parking. Can no one offer you that?

  • Cheers all.

    @lynx I don’t know anyone who lives in that part of London #sansgolfclubs. The ease of parking near a hotel I’m staying at which is near my company office is appealing, otherwise I’d be staying with friends and likely get more sensible parking options.

    JustPark has quite a few options but fuck me people charge a lot for parking a car on a few meters of tarmac in London!

    I think I’m going for Shelton Street Parking which is actually not a private space but some commercial outfit and is close enough to where I need to be - gets good reviews on JustPark too.


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