• Probably off topic but has anyone used JustPark? I need to bring my car to London for two days and am staying near Regents Park. I don't really want to use an NCP or QPark but have also no recommendation for JustPark. Obviously no hotel has actual parking round there either...

  • Yeah - used it a few times for work and parking near Wembley in the past. Always been good though I've made sure I've picked places with good reviews.

  • Yeah, I mean it's probably going to be very dependant on location. Next to my work the locations covered by JustPark are a mix of regular on-street parking and some outdoor car parks.

    Did use a QPark down in Dublin for a day and it was perfectly fine, though it was a proper indoor/underground carpark which is really the main thing for me. As opposed to who I'm paying/how I'm paying.

    Though in saying that, the QPark was just a regular ticket/machine deal and the machine stopped working which lead to quite a queue forming to pay. While JustPark is all done via their app (probably best to register your car/payment method with the app prior to finding a spot of course).

  • Park it near someone house on the street, preferbly with free parking. Can no one offer you that?


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