• So you're worried about the fuel economy of having a bike on your roof, but also want a remap?


  • Most remaps seem to result in improved fuel efficiency but tuners don't like to quote it because if you get a remap and then drive like a tit you're unlikely to see the improvement...

  • It is a grey area, depends on the remap. If the remap is to your engine there can be some difference but the thing is not to look at the BHP as that is just a figure what you want is a smooth fueling graph and a smooth torque graph.

    Lots is in the drivers head as has been mentioned by others on this thread when working with commercial stuff and they are always looking at ways of saving money.

  • Some do a little due to maybe increased high pressure pump pressures on worn injectors giving a slightly cleaner spray pattern?
    Other half the numbers on the dash look better as more is injected in reality then the ecu thinks us being injected (certainly for older diesel when larger nozzles are fitted. Mine says it does 60 to 65 mpg. Reality is 48 to 52 which is still sweet really for what it does.


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