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  • Hey @Belagerent!

    Good question. At the moment I haven't found anything comparable. I did have an alternative set up once with a rear rack and just a dry bag and straps, did the South downs way with that, but tbh it was quite challenging as it kept wiggling loose and I had to readjust.
    If therebis an alternative where I don't need to worry about that, then that would be great.
    I am also realising that I never mentioned what bike I am riding, but its a cannondale slate solo, so it only has mudguard mounts.

    Let me know if you have any alternatives that I could consider. 😊

  • Sounds like you know a lot better than me to be honest. Are you trying to use a rack type situation because you don't have much space between the wheel and saddle? Previously mentioned PDW bindlerack is the only other thing I know of


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