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  • Phew,

    Today I was ready and prepped to go for a longer ride ( laps Clockwise in RP) BUT 10meters from the house i heard "POP" and one of my front spokes just caved in at the nipple and ripped out :(
    Raced to SeaBass C and they'll sort me out. However due to the front being a Cannondale Slate lefty, it will take them till the end of the week to get this sorted.
    That meant I took my 8bar fixed to RP today (62k) and tomorrow I'll take my Pinarello.
    Not ideal, as I wanted to get my ass used to sitting on the cannondale but better than nothing.

    Apart from training:
    I ordered and am waiting for the following:

    -WTB Resolute 650b in 42mm, I cant fit anything wider so they'll have to do, having ridden quite a few different terrains ( South Downs, Isle of purbeck, Epping in deep Mud, Surrey & kent Off road) I am confident that I will be fine handling and managing descents on these tyres. Will deffo spend some time getting used to them though, to see the grip and how much I can extend my trust. ;0]

    -HOPE 34t Chainring ( for all those easy gears , 12000m climbing, eeeek)

    -Crankbrothers 17 Multitool with Chainbreaker. I have multi tools but none of them has the T-25 hex that I need for the Cannondale.

    -Spare Chainlinks for 11 speed. ( just in case)

    Additionally I also tried the QUOC Shoes in smallest size (She ordered two pairs to be safe) from a mate and they are way to big so will not be able to purchase these for the trip. Toebox was big enough though. Shame.

    I also found out that the Tailfin pack and rack that I would want ( the set up I want) costs close to £370. That is a mighty price, currently still tempted to get it as I know it is reliable and mega easy to pack. This will come in handy when you need to pack up shelter and get going early in the morning. Ill post once Ive made up my mind.

    Other bits that I want to add to the list of things I need to get my hands on are

    • Sealant ( tubeless innit)
      -Dynaplug ( spare plugs)
      -Another pair of Rapha Cargo shorts, to swap.
      -Performance T-shirt with Fast drying but comfy material ( Sustainable brand too if poss)

    As soon as I get the tyres and chainring I will add and upload an image.

    Thats all for now,



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