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  • It also smells a bit like rationalising potential war profiteering. (Not an attack on people who hold crypto. But these guys could earn big if Russian sanctions push people to them).

    You make a good point but I still find it hard to believe that the EU and US based exchanges will think they have even half a chance to pull that off. The authorities would love an oportunity to run those guys through the mill, and profiteering by evading war time sanctions is probably a little higher on the US list of crimes to crack down on than occasional money laundering.

    For example, Binance have really struggled to adapt to EU rules and regulations. They have been thrown out of more than one jurisdiction in recent years. Just have a feeling that sanctions evasion might be a step too far for them.

  • Oh yeah, not claiming they'll avoid (or be able to avoid) sanctions. No idea about that really. More a thought on their "philosophical" defense of taking Russian money in the face of international sanctions.


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