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  • Agreed, he bucks the trend of using what you've got instead of splashing out on the latest and 'greatest' equipment. Is amazing what can be achieved with a solid foundation in engineering principles and supply of homemade cupcakes.

    Like you say from reading around the Michelin Trackers are just about DOT approved for road use, if you want a more aggressive tyre that probably warrants a dedicated enduro/motocross bike, so confident they'll be great for me. The more I learn about trail riding and the UK calendar of events I'm quite tempted to buy a trailer and see what happens. Bit like Allen above, this mini-series promotes using what you've got which has motivated me to do some eventually.

  • I mean TBH your Enduro bike could easily do an event even with the tyres you have on now. They are super capable. You would get round the Enduro tracks by me easily on it and they aren't that easy. Would just be more awkward if there are lots of really tight bits or logs and the like to go over. Go do a few MX days and get out to a few more remote/harder lanes (wye valley, happy valley, Llangollen) or Enduro Tracks (berwyn eg) and give it a go. Then look at doing a hare and hound or a normal Enduro.

    You ever watch any of the, Revzilla, Motorcylist Magazine stuff with Ari and Zack? Love the stuff they do. They do other stuff on the likes of motor trend etc.­_hs

  • Wales is somewhere I need to spend more time in after doing NCR8 a few years back, our very loose plan is to move to the Wye Valley but it's a long time away. That's essentially why I shelled out for the 450 over say more obvious trail bikes, wanted something that would grow with me as my skill level (slowly) increased. There's quite a few MX tracks around me so will likely be visiting these when they open, realistically once I've explored these a trailer will probably materialise for adventures further afield. I started watching this Revzilla video but didn't get to the end for some reason, thanks for reminding me.


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