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  • Polo people. Round 4 has been released (see post #2).

    We want to end the league on 30 May. To get through all 7 rounds we have to finish 2 matches per month. In addition to that are the following overdue matches. Let’s try to get these matches scheduled and finished!

    1-month overdue matches
    Crossdressers v Too Timid To Slay
    Rule No 1 v Maladroit Malleteers
    Crossdressers v Tutus
    Rule No 1 v Too Timid To Slay
    Maladroit Malleteers v Apolocalypse Meow

    Overdue matches
    Buzz Kill v Mmmbop
    Crossdressers v Luxury Pringle
    Chillum Party v Mandem
    Rule No 1 v Tutus
    Maladroit Malleteers v Humpty Humps
    Apolocalypse Meow v Too Timid To Slay
    Hot Mess v Buzz Kill
    Crossdressers v Big Boys
    Chillum Party v Mmmbop
    Rule No 1 v Luxury Pringle
    Apolocalypse Meow v Tutus
    Too Timid To Slay v Humpty Humps


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