• As someone who lives in Scotland, the ship has sailed I feel on this and the way you’ve described brexit is what I feel would happen with indy 2, the white paper before was fiction and full of nonsense and I feel the V2 will be the same.

    I hear the argument too, you’ll be able to vote in for who you want when we get it. It just seems like people are so disillusioned and the SNP attract people who vote that they will just get back in and the mess they are making right now with devolution makes me fell it won’t be much better but infact much worse being independent

    Agreed and following 2014, 2016 and Covid people seem to be just really weary of government on both sides of the border. Think we could all do with a breather.

  • I agree but the problem is NS wants to push on at a any goal as that is the only goal for them. I really wasnt convinced first time round, but in the last few years so much has come out that show they are about as trustworthy as the tories down south.

    Its just a big mess filled with folk who are lying cunts.


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