• Thanks. I imagine one would have to widen the dropout width slightly too for the cassette. The first question I asked myself was whether there was even enough space for a hanger and adapter/claw.

    I didn't have the heart to ask the seller this question, after he had clearly taken pains to get it up and running in its mostly original form. From what little I can find about the cyclo, I've read how immensely complicated it is to set up. I see some French cycle enthusiasts still use them, but I've haven't seen it used long distance. Anyway, my 51-year-old knees simply need the extra gears for climbing hills. No way I can get around that.

    Absolutely no info on the web on this topic that I can find. Or at least in the English language. A big step though for me, not being that technically experienced.

  • Another option for you might be to fit a Sturmey Archer 3 or 4 speed hub, together with one of those Cyclo converters that all 2 or 3 sprockets to be fitted. That way you can keep the Cyclo deraileur but have multiple gears. I have that setup on my 1949 Paris tandem and it works. It is also an age appropriate option, so you don't lose authenticity.

  • Hi @RgrahamH, thank you for the thought! Sounds like a good idea.

    To be honest, I haven't given the bike much more thought since my last comment here. I've seen that it is still available though. I think I found the same model and how it would have looked before it was painted grey-blue somewhere else: https://steel-vintage.com/follis-classic­-650b-randonneur-1950s

    Anyway, I'll look into the Sturmey. I remember as a boy that my mother had an old Raleigh ladies bike from the 50s or 60s. It was a really beautiful bike in dark green with a wicker basket on the front. Anyway, what I've never forgotten about that bike were the wonderful slow rhythmical 'clicks' it made. It sounded so elegant and calm. I've always wondered if it came from the Sturmey Archer gears or somewhere in the wheel. Well, I have fond memories of those gears.


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