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  • Seems they are tarmac-ing a section of the Tamsin Trail (off-road loop) next to Broomfield hill. Was the one section that was vaguely testing. Seems an odd decision. I imagine it may encourage some to ride too fast going down it.

  • Going down it was sketchy few times I've attempted, but sad to see them turn that into Col du Broomfield...

  • Ahh, that's a shame. I saw they were resurfacing it last weekend but thought they were just repairing the track.

    It does get sketchy pretty quick and I bet it sees some incidents. Heavy rain (of which we seem to be getting more intense episodes of) ruts out the bottom section and the last bit becomes very sandy in summer. The challenging aspect is probably a bit too much for what is meant to be a family friendly loop for any ability. Is a shame though. The naughty descent right by the park wall on the outside is good fun on a mountain bike, but obviously illegal so you should never attempt that, even at dusk when the park is pretty empty...


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