• ^ the colonial house scene with the expats and tourists from angerland is TV gold.. well done BBC for broadcasting, Sheena Rose what a legend and calls it absolutely right..

    gawd, i love the bajan accent...

  • It’s a great program, the plantation house visit was definitely a highlight. We visited a plantation house in Louisiana a few years ago and it was hard to stomach, there were ghosts everywhere. Imagine a tour guide marvelling at the architecture of a concentration camp.

    Their visit to the backstreet bars reminded me of the great morning we spent before catching our connecting flight to St Vincent, drinking and eating souse.

  • oh man, those back street bars are the best, I have a collection of fond memories from Medellin, Colombo, Cape Town, Atlanta.

    All of which involved local (generally black) folk. Their generosity and hospitality can not be replicated IMO when you go for a deep dive into the local scene.

    I could never do gated all inclusive enclave holiday. When we visit BIM it will be hashing / hiking in the back country and liming in the back streets of BIM town. Because I want to meet real Bajan life and their people, not some sanitised white lens of a tropical holiday.

    yesterday I read a depressing article about how affluence has fcuked up Mustique with its 120 privately owned properties and that Bequia will be the next island of St Vincent and the Grenadines to be razed and homogenised for white folk to indulge in their exotic retreat.


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