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  • Thanks for the support @karolk @yoshy

    @Oddo The very first thing I noticed after the hose guides on the top tube were the 2 things you mentioned.
    I didn't get the impression that this guy was a master of his craft from the short conversation we had. We were talking about angles and he suggested that head angle/trail doesn't really matter for the handling of the bike 'despite what you might read on the internet'. He kept eyeing up the frame suspiciously and telling me it was probably fake somehow. Asking me if it had been resprayed. I'm not sure what his thought process was with that. There were a few other things that made me wonder what he was on about. He seemed like a perfectly nice bloke though.
    Anyway I know nothing about building or repairing bike frames and I am happy to put a fair amount of trust in his experience. I will ask about the support strut and I think the brake cable will be able to get past the rack mount without too much fuss.


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