• Hi Clubman! I was getting confused there for a while! Your commenting on the French bike in blue! Not my lovely slightly rusty unidentified frame, any ideas from your side? See further up the thread. Ta C

  • Definitely commenting on the French Bike

  • Your unidentified frame:

    I'm afraid I can't identify it, but there are a couple of points to make.

    That frame number is remarkably low - if it's really only the 22nd frame from that maker it's not surprising if no one recognises it 70+ years later. Could it be the frame size? I know it seems pointless to stamp that on the fork end, but 'there's nowt so queer as folks'.

    Also, remember that many bike shops would have their own transfers which they would apply to frames they had bought from a trade builder. The retailer would normally stamp his own frame number on any frame he was 'badging', so quite possibly neither the number nor the badge will identify the builder. If this is the case you might as well use any obscure transfer that takes your fancy!

    On the bright side, that well worn fork end looks as though it belongs to a much used frame, so somebody in the past used it a lot, which is a good indication it will make a nice rideable machine.


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