• Is triple figure speed (mph) actually enjoyable? As someone with a car that needs a bit of a tailwind and slight downhill to achieve that, I've never really saw the appeal.

    I mean on a racetrack I get it, you're actually pushing the limit of the car, but on regular roads?

  • Is triple figure speed (mph) actually enjoyable?

    Have been told by many bike pals that 1L+ engined sports bikes really only come alive over 100mph. I don't have a point of reference for this, but it was the reasoning for my brother, and others, opting for 650cc sports bikes that have been tuned/geared to have more low end power. It's a lot easier to enjoy a bike that has more torque and power in the lower revs than needing to smash it to 11k revs and booting it over a ton to get it going. It all sounded reasonable to me, but I have no actual experience of the above, lol.

    Edit:got my wires crossed and thought you were asking about 100mph on a bike. No idea why i bothered to type it out.


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