• Is triple figure speed (mph) actually enjoyable? As someone with a car that needs a bit of a tailwind and slight downhill to achieve that, I've never really saw the appeal.

    I mean on a racetrack I get it, you're actually pushing the limit of the car, but on regular roads?

  • Is triple figure speed (mph) actually enjoyable?

    Have been told by many bike pals that 1L+ engined sports bikes really only come alive over 100mph. I don't have a point of reference for this, but it was the reasoning for my brother, and others, opting for 650cc sports bikes that have been tuned/geared to have more low end power. It's a lot easier to enjoy a bike that has more torque and power in the lower revs than needing to smash it to 11k revs and booting it over a ton to get it going. It all sounded reasonable to me, but I have no actual experience of the above, lol.

    Edit:got my wires crossed and thought you were asking about 100mph on a bike. No idea why i bothered to type it out.

  • Yes, to get from point a to point b in straight line as quickly as possible.

  • Triple speed on a bike is easy. In a car - not so much although I don’t have any experience of hyper cars which may be a different story. I had a bike at 168 on the IOM and it was fast. Up to 130 locally is safe (ish). Back to bike thread 😁

  • After doing 165 on the autobahn 110 to 120 became a nice easy speed to cruise at, when the caravans weren’t spoiling things. Germany is big and it got it out of the way sooner.

    Stupendous amounts of acceleration are more useful when overtaking 10 cars and a truck all in one go.


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