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  • Great updates as usual. Seeing pictures of the CRF makes me think that if I do take the plunge with a motorbike finally, something like that will probably be the thing I go for. Looks so much fun and means you can kind of take other people in cars out of the equation somewhat.

    Just bought our first house last week and the 50's garage isn't big enough for a car so right now I'm trying to plan how I can turn it into my workshop for bikes (and possibly motorbike)

  • I'm trying to plan how I can turn it into my workshop

    Speaking as someone who filled up their workshop with shit and is now trying to build a work bench and shelving storage I would go:

    1. Work bench with storage underneath (that spot under the shelves looks good)
    2. Insulate and plasterboard the ceiling
    3. Floor (paint is cheap and quick. PVC tiles would probably be the best choice on balance, in which case do the bench after the floor)
    4. Shelves

    Even more so if you have any other DIY needs for the house. Once those tins of paint and dust sheets start to'll never get an empty space like that again.

    Edit: just a thought - you've currently got access to the ceiling joists. As the space looks narrow I wonder if having a sky stand hanging down could be an idea? The again I recently saw that Park do a workbench mounted stand, so I'd probably go that route.

  • Cheers @jambon - I'm in Newcastle

    Thanks for the ideas @withered_preacher and @hugo7 - don't want to hijack this thread but will definitely take those points on board. Once I'm in I'll start a plan and probably create a thread on here so will probably have more questions for you!


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