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  • I've been feeling a bit down about this project the last few days. It's like I started pulling on a thread at the edges of a jumper and now I'm suddenly left with a pile of string. I get carried away way too easily. Nothing is lost though.
    I've been collecting a few parts. I managed to pick up a mountain bike front wheel off marketplace from the next village over. 27.5" wheel with an internal width of 30mm. Maybe that's a shit idea? I don't know but the wheel is in perfect nick, has flawless tubeless tape on it and is surprisingly not that heavy. It looks really strong! I got it for 40 quid and the idea was it would be a placeholder wheel to test out the geometry and tyre clearance but if it works out maybe I could just use it long term anyway.
    I also won an auction on ebay this evening for an old deore lx crankset (sellers photo). £21 fuckin quid! I really didn't expect to be getting such a deal. There are so many overpriced old cranksets on ebay. Ok maybe it isn't the best deal ever but I'm just so glad I didn't overpay. Thinking about getting stainless steel rings when I know what ratios I want.
    I also snagged a single TRP Spyre-C for the fork before I asked for disc tabs on the back and now need another one for the rear if anyone has one going.
    Ive got Tiagra 4700 front and rear derailleurs hanging around and either a 10 speed or 8 speed 11-32 cassette so I just need to work out shifters.
    I want to go friction and would love to try downtube shifters but I don't think it's going to be practical for fully loaded off road touring. Maybe I'm wrong? I want Gevenalle shifters cause I love em to bits but they cost too much so its probably bar ends which is fine.
    I genuinely enjoy buying and using used parts more than new parts because there is far less guilt both over the amount of money spent and the amount of carbon in the air and plastic in the ground. Cheers.

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