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  • Dammit, regarding your super moto aspirations­

    Super moto is a French invention. It's rally cross for bikes. Obviously they have to compromise their tyre and suspension choices to cater for the dirt sections and the tarmac sections. This is a ridiculous ambition. Nobody does this with road bikes. The only time it makes sense is when you are actually in a race. As you can see, the winning formula is to stick your inside leg out for cornering even on the tarmac sections. Same technique as speedway, or flat track racing in the US, which are on cinders, not tarmac. What you can't see in the photo is that the back wheel is being deliberately drifted, on tarmac. Only a few Godlike people can do this. It destroys tyres fast. It's not safe to do on a shared, public road. It even wrecks your boots - you can buy special boots with a disposable slidey bit which you scrape through the corner. So your pic does not show a cornering technique which many people can do. I don't think there are many super moto races in the UK - move to France if you want to get into this.

    But super moto bikes are very fashionable because they're good for stunts and wheelies and they look groovy. People who have one on the road don't do the race-style cornering with their inside leg on the floor. They just don't. If they did they would crash and need new tyres every weekend. Lots of youngsters go through a super moto phase. They want to be the terror of their council estate. Sorry if that sounds snobbish or discriminatory etc, but it's the troof. If you want to corner like that, do it, it's BRILLIANT, but do it on a dirt bike, on dirt. A super moto bike on the road can be fun and practical as a commuter or a sunny Sunday bike, but some are quite uncomfortable and they all have a small range.


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