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  • Hi all, is someone able to clarify, are the 'Slice Ultra' forks better than the 'Slice Prodigy'? Some info online seems to suggest it's the other way round, but the Ultra fork appears to be on much newer, fairly high spec models, so I would assume therefore it's better? (Understand newer doesn't always mean better) Cheers

  • Both alloy steerers AFAIK. Think the Prodigy fork is by Time so perhaps better made/more desirable. If you want better then look out for one of the carbon steerer models (SI, Premium, Premium+). @hma or @Howard might be able to confirm.

  • prodigy is likely earlier, but don't know much about those (i only dug deep for info on the carbon steerer models). afaik, the si was also made by time, so they either made all cannondale forks or just the top of the range models


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