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  • Stumbled across Search Party recently, one of those shows you've never heard of but somehow has 5 seasons already. Led by Alia Shawkat who played cousin Maeby in arrested development but who I believed to be Ilana Glazer from broad city for the first 4 seasons of watching this, whoopsie. Comedy following group of friends who start out looking for a missing "friend" from school but then it kind of freestyles each season with varying situations they find themselves in.

    gets progressively more twisted and non-serious as it progresses through the seasons and they very clearly had the characters dialled back after season 1 because you're meant to not like them but they were all extremely punchable in the face as written but their quirks become part of the story by s2 and they're less objectionable. Alia is actually incredible actress and shows a lot of her range through the various roles her character plays through the story.

    final season jumps the shark massively but remains entertaining. they were clearly just having fun with it by that point. they even brought in jeff goldblum.

    solid 7/10 if you're after something easy to binge watch for a while (50 episodes)


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