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  • If it's like potholes, you have to prove that the council wasn't doing their maintenance properly. That's likely not going to be very regular gritting on a side road though so I wouldn't think you'll get far. Black ice, unless from a broken pipe though isn't something they can really control, unlike fixing a pothole. No direct experience sorry.

  • Thanks man, I’m wondering if there’s something to be said for the fact people have been having accidents there often enough for the council to have been called, but no action taken. I always see cyclists on this road coming in both directions, it’s a popular route that avoids the roundabout so always has bike traffic on it.
    If I see the builders on my commute Monday morning I’ll stop for a chat with them to see if they know if anything was handled. In any case I owe them a packet of chocolate digestives for the attention and care they gave me when they saw the fall.