• The front one has very little use. Battery life should be impeccable for the front one. If you want to have really good battery life with the front one I would use the camera setting without the lights one.

    The rear one I use all the time. I have not experienced any decrease in battery life since I got it. I use it at least 2 hours a day for commutes. About 5 hour rides on the weekends. Never had any issues and never had to charge it an excessively annoying amount, not any worse than charging any other bike light. Needs charge once a week? Honestly it has not been a noticeable issue for me.

  • oh i am not dunking on you/your sales thread; just surprised that cycliq doesn’t sell just the battery.

    i am still kind keen.

    where r u based?

  • No worries. I get your point on the battery. But it's still working well for me so far.
    SE London - Peckham

  • Yeah they do it for dickish anti selfrepair reasons to push you to replace rather than repair.


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