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  • Hit the deck pretty hard this morning in Southwark (rockingham st), lip is all busted up and knee and elbow took some damage. Builders came out to help and explained five other people this morning have had similar accidents. They apparently have appealed to council to grit this area but to no avail. Do I have a case for compensation against the council? I don’t earn much and am a contractor so lost earnings combined with damage to the bike hits me substantially.
    I’ll remember to stick to main roads next time it’s this cold!

  • If it's like potholes, you have to prove that the council wasn't doing their maintenance properly. That's likely not going to be very regular gritting on a side road though so I wouldn't think you'll get far. Black ice, unless from a broken pipe though isn't something they can really control, unlike fixing a pothole. No direct experience sorry.