• Caterham or other 7-style car surely.

    Aiming to get one in a few years so could do with a thorough case-study in ownership on here.

  • Don’t suggest that, dammit would spend every winter modding the engine, gearbox, suspension, turbo, supercharger etc.

  • Least they're relatively easy to tinker with!

    On the motorbike chat, I've never been on one and am not particularly keen on trying, but I'd say one thing in the car's favour is that I imagine you're more likely to actually use most of the available performance. Getting close to the limit on a motorbike is something I would not be inclined to do! Guess it all goes back to the "I'd rather drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow". Then again, I'm biased and cannot for the life of me see the appeal of driving a quick 2 tonne car, given the choice between a 550bhp 2,000kg car and a 110bhp 1,000kg car I'll take the latter every time (though a modern MX-5 gives around 180bhp I think, while still being just over 1,000kg).

    Then again, can't imagine motorway driving in a Caterham would be a particularly enjoyable experience, nor trying to get the roof on in a hurry if it starts pissing down when driving around town.

    Still, something like this would seem pretty far up there in terms of how fun a car can be to drive: https://www.gpsevens.co.uk/portfolio-ite­m/caterham-superlight-r300-1-8-k-series-­160bhp-6-speed-2005-22995/


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