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  • Just realised there were a few other bits...

    I bought another used fuel pump to hopefully diagnose my faulty fuel level sender. After testing both as per the manual they didn't behave as they should so at a slight loss here. Having said that filling up from the odometer will be fine until I can work this one out.

    The headlight has some small marks and after 20 years isn't looking as clear as it once was. I wet sanded it with 400, 600, 1200, 2000 and 3000 grade paper then Autosol, t-cut and polish but it's still not quite as clear as I'd hoped. Bit frustrating after all that work so might buy another unit if I find one cheap.

    In two stroke news I bought a Stihl combi unit for our tall hedges in the garden, the ladder and hedge cutter was an accident waiting to happen. Was really satisfying cleaning and servicing the small motor, it's now working like a champ and is surely worth it for that smell of wet grass and pre-mix.

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