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  • I actually went right through your Raleigh Royal thread in the middle of the night last night when I couldn't sleep. That build is everything this build wishes it was. What a beautiful bike!
    I even love the blue forks and red patchy paint. Did you do that or the frame builder?
    There's also a fair chance that this build eventually goes flat bar too because the frames a tiny bit big for me and I think it might make more sense for the handling and the riding I intend to use it for.

  • Haha, thank you!
    The fork is mismatched because I was lucky to find a new 650B canti fork with a threaded steerer that just happened to match all my needs and numbers for this bike. Pretty odd but cheaper and better than having the original fork altered.
    The red paint on the frame is just some primer. I asked Winston to put it on after he made the changes to the frame. The idea was to have some protection and test build and ride the frame for a bit to see if I really like it before spending even more money on a paint job for something that seemed like a silly experiment. The rattyness is cool but it will eventually get a proper paint job.
    I just installed some SimWorks Getaround bars and took them for a spin yesterday. I should update my thread.

    Good luck with this build. I will follow it with excitement.

  • Yeah being patient and test riding as you go is definitely the way to do it to make sure you get everything right. I'm really quite impatient and impulsive and need to try and fight that with this project so I'm not just throwing money away.

    @MrBaklava Well it's not going to be pretty but hopefully it just functions fine


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