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  • When you say 'not allowed a hob right up to a unit' - what do you mean?

    We're planning:

    sink unit, bin unit, other unit, oven, other unit and then the hob sits on top of the oven.

    There are no high/wall/counter top units nearby. There will be an extractor a suitable distance above. The oven is 60cm. The hob we're looking at is 59cm. Is that not allowed?

  • I thought that was more for gas hobs. Naked flames close to a wall or upright etc not being sensible. Less so for an induction hob, but did see somewhere that >50mm is still preferred. But above an oven fine I think, just not hard up against a wall/another cupboard

    ^pic I think is fine. if the end of the worktop was the wall and the hob was right up to it then less good


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