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  • I have this one (or if not the exact model, almost identical).

    It's good. Lots of power on every burner, good fine control, buttons work well, works with small pans and the bridge function is useful.

    Downsides are that it will switch off after 20 seconds if you get the buttons wet (need to be properly wet, not just a bit damp) or put something metal on them. It's not a huge issue though and I think most will do something similar.

    Main thing that bugs me is that using it with big pans gives quite uneven heating. I have a 28cm chef's pan and if you're using it then there's clear cooler spots where it's outside of the burner. I think this is generally an issue though and I have one of these­soned-Rectangular-Reversible-Griddle/dp/­B002CMLTXG?th=1 which I use across two bridged zones to get consistent heat.


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