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  • Feels like it's been a while, nothing major but some small satisfying jobs ticked off:

    In SRAD news I fitted some sympathetic indicators as the original ones were very brittle and started snapping. Rear shock was removed, cleaned and I added a 8cm spacer to raise the ride height. Already it feels a lot more comfortable. Many SRADs have rust issues with the exterior of the petrol tank where the seat rubs, I sanded back the rust, treated the metal and painted it to hopefully stop it getting worse. Probably the most exciting thing is the front brake overhaul. Swapped the 6 pot callipers out for (GSXR 600) 4 pots with Hel braided lines and master cylinder. Also took the opportunity to service the new to me 4 pots as wanted to give them the best fighting chance. Only setback with the new master was I didn't have room on the standard clip ons, which was only an excuse to fit some of East Anglia's finest SES bars. Every cloud etc.

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