• I’ve just finished building this up recently but have realised I have absolutely no justification to keep it and need the space. It’s a perfect city run around, and uses a dingle speed magic gear ratio. That is it has two cogs front and rear that are both magic gears, so no tensioner and two ratios. 42-16 and 37-22 by just swapping the chain over. Setup as shown for 6'1 rider.

    Spec List:
    Soma Groove
    Salsa Cromoto Fork
    Fulcrum Wheels and shimano rotors - am keeping the ice tech ones shown, so swapping for another set
    Gravelking 650b Sk Tyres rear setup tubeless, front was a pain so tubed.
    Trutative Crankset
    Deore Hydraulic Brakes
    Thomson Post and stem
    Crank Brother Pedals
    Brooks cambium C17
    Gamoh Minoura rack
    Surly and on one rear cogs
    BMX and vuelta front rings
    Basically new single speed chain

    Everything is working well, some bits were new others bought used. There were some paint chips and rust spots which I artistically covered with gold nail polish. The bleed screws were stuck in place when put together, so there are some marks from wrestling with pliers to avoid rounding, work fine now though.
    Currently stored in central London. Will get some better photos at some point.


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