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  • I bought this 1999 Raleigh Randonneur frame last year. Built it up with ebay parts and derailleurs from a dead halfords bike and added some wheels from Spa cycles. I went on a rainy tour with it and rode my first 100 miler too. I didnt get along with the quill stem as it kept moving and that scared me quite a bit. Had it in a ridiculous configuration in an effort to make it as comfy as possible. The paint deteriorated rapidly and I sold it but it never got collected.
    Fast forward to now and suddenly it's at a local frame builder's.
    Initially it was getting just a head tube replacement to 1 1/8 inch. A cheapish experiment which meant I get to keep the bike and fanny around with builds.
    Now it's getting new chain stays to hopefully increase the clearance from 32mm at the rear to 40mm+

    I got a Light Blue Cycles Darwin fork for it off ebay for cheap. A/C measurement is 405mm apparently and as it's replacing a 385mm a/c fork the geo is gonna get interesting. It should end up having a HA of 71 degrees and a SA of 71 degrees once it's done. I reckon fork has 50mm offset so I think that will work nicely.
    My hopes for the build are that I can take it on some off road touring in Scotland in the summer but the truth is I have a perfectly appropriate bike for that already.
    As of yesterday it's now also getting disc tabs put on the back so I think I will be trying to make 650b work.
    This is the only bike I've ever had pedal strike with but I think stand-over might be an issue with the longer fork so I need to be careful and find the right balance.
    This is quite directionless and definitely a bad idea but I'm having the time of my life.
    The build is going to have to be cheap and functional. I'm thinking Spa Cycles touring triple used as a super compact double and parts bin build. This is going to be ugly and unrefined. I'm sorry for writing so much. Cheers.

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