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  • It is rank in there. He's quite old and I help him clear stuff out from time to time, so I see lots of piles of stuff. What could I do about that if so and how could I confirm? He's not going to be interested in doing anything himself. Presumably I'd want to block it off at the stone:

    1. Clean back the stone (the entire wall or just the currently affected area?) so there's minimal loose dusty stuff.

    2. Treat the stone (pva?)

    3. While I'm there put in some damp injection cream near the bottom of the wall to be sure.

    4. Wait for a while (how long?)

    5. Fill it then skim or (or plaster board somehow (maybe screw in battens into the stone (though presume screwing would wreck the damp proofing?)

    6. None of the above?

    7. ????

    8. Profit?

  • What could I do about that if so and how could I confirm?

    I think you might just have to talk to him and see if it helps by offering your own help.

    You've basically described what damp proofing is, and I think most people believe that it's just something pedalled by snake oil sales people. We did have it done, and our damp issues seem to be sorted but we did improve things on many fronts at the same time. I was annoyed with myself for just trusting the survey recommendations without checking if it was real, but it was the blind leading the blind at that point.


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