• I've found that with certain types of dogs (my experience is with staffies) they're the baby of the house until there's a new baby at which point they become the protector and they get a bit more 'OK time for me to stop dicking about and help out around the place'.

    I think if you prefer your dog to be more engaged you can fuss over him more, but I think he's just trying to recognise the potential shift in the pecking order - you can communicate to him that his position hasn't changed by continuing to play with him and making a fuss, or you can just accept your New Good Dog as a bonus of having an extra human!

  • Sounds good. Time will tell I guess. He follows my wife and the baby about and when the baby is crying he will come and sit with her. Just didn't expect it with him being 8ish months, but it's a good thing that's for sure. He would kick off st any noise before but didn't make a peep at the baby, stopped jumping up, etc.


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