• Just noticed this thing exists. Seems like a minimalist and handy bit of kit to put a bit of space between bar bags and head tube/cables.

    Can the hive mind come up with any reason that this wouldn't be a decent addition to a touring set up?

  • I like it, and certainly more pleasing then the thorn T-bar/accessory bar that does a similar job, although at significantly less cost.

    @hippy I’ve had success using one of those Chinese/eBay special space mounts designed for lights/gos etc, but attached either under at 90degrees to push a bag away (and provide a place to attach a strap) or on top to lift the bag up.

    Photo of the second config here: https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15500691/­

  • I have one of those from when I used it to mount a big front light on my TT bike for 24hr TTs.

    I don't need to come up with a solution now since all the paint has been rubbed off the headtubes on our frames already :D

    I might be more aware when I stick something on the new MTB though. I've got a Revelate roll that I'll need to test out at some point and I don't want that taking paint off if I can help it. More spacers maybe, plus helicopter tape might help. Won't know until I start using it.


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