• Yeah happy with quality. I mean the vinyl seems the same as what you would if you had them made at a local graphics place. DN are cheaper though and he has a lot of the graphics ready to make so that's a huge bonus. I wanted all mine done in Mint though which I put in the comments section and I had some come black. I'm sure it said you could request colours as well. Just be aware of this if you are looking at a colour which isn't listed on that graphic as standard.

    When I was having the Marin done it was £20 for a dip and blast. I would have been at least £10 into paint and it wouldn't have looked as good IMO.

  • Nice, that's good to know thanks. I'll drop them an email and see if they have any Merida ones made up.
    That's a good point, I'm sure powder would give a more durable finish. The Montana finish is a bit delicate, even with a couple of coats of clear on top.


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