• You would think so, but the count down is on to get my bike finished for the 'hard day in January ride' and i still haven't found a suitable set.
    The originals were damaged after I went over a pot hole and squared off both the front and rear rim.

  • I think I have found suitable wheels for you. I will send a pm with name and phone number.

    I think my friend has a number of sprint wheels to dispose of if any one else is in the market, let me know.

    Whether it's wise to use sprints for this sort of winter 'training ' run is another question, which I'll deal with later.

  • Great thanks @clubman for the info.
    As for sprints in the winter, I have a good pair of tubs and the weight saving is a big win for me over my practical, albeit sluggish 27.1.1/4 commuter bike.


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