• I haven't got exactly what you're asking for, but there must be literally shed loads of wheels like that. I know a man who is in charge of some of these sheds - I'll ask him for you.

  • You would think so, but the count down is on to get my bike finished for the 'hard day in January ride' and i still haven't found a suitable set.
    The originals were damaged after I went over a pot hole and squared off both the front and rear rim.

  • You could borrow my set of fiammes if you get desperate, although I'm in a similar situation to you now r.e the Hard Day in January ride. Just bought a jrj track frame (scruffy and with 80s Bob Jackson decals) of ebay, so will swap the wheels, seat etc over from my Pearson. (which may be going to a friend as his frame snapped). However, this leaves me without a built up bike for the ride, so I will need a suitable late 50s/early stem to fit some 70s Cinelli Campione del Mondo bars I have that will get used for now, and a suitable chains. I have some TA pista cranks but would need a 112mm axle for these, or a set of Stronglight 49d Cranks that should fit the TA 344 axle I have (I think)

    So, if anyone has either of these-a 112mm axle (or even better a very rare TA 314 axle) or a set of Stronglight 49D cranks going, I could do with them quick smart, to be ready for the Hard Day ride! Thanks all.

  • I think I have found suitable wheels for you. I will send a pm with name and phone number.

    I think my friend has a number of sprint wheels to dispose of if any one else is in the market, let me know.

    Whether it's wise to use sprints for this sort of winter 'training ' run is another question, which I'll deal with later.