• Happy new year all..
    Its time to clear out those unwanted vintage parts that you've been meaning to re-auction...
    With this in mind does anybody want to part with a good set of 50s sprint wheels.
    The rims need to be tubs with good braking surfaces and round and true.
    Hubs will be Airlite, Harden or similar and 32/40h.
    What have you got?

  • I haven't got exactly what you're asking for, but there must be literally shed loads of wheels like that. I know a man who is in charge of some of these sheds - I'll ask him for you.

  • You would think so, but the count down is on to get my bike finished for the 'hard day in January ride' and i still haven't found a suitable set.
    The originals were damaged after I went over a pot hole and squared off both the front and rear rim.


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