• Had a response from Will Norman in case of interest. I still think space given to motor traffic needs to be reduced overall - not just shifted around a bit from one place to another. Also, he doesn't respond to my criticism of the shared use path, i.e. that it leads to conflict between pedestrians and cyclists and doesn't work.

    Transport for London (TfL) completed works on Cycleway 9 (C9) at Kew Bridge in March 2021 and, as you point out, there is now a slightly
    reduced pavement on the west side to accommodate the additional
    traffic lane on the Bridge. This traffic lane was needed to make the
    new cycle route work from a traffic perspective. It also provides much
    needed capacity on the south circular to enable the delivery of the C9
    segregated facility between Brentford and Kensington Olympia. As I'm
    sure you're aware, the Bridge's eastern pavement provides a shared use
    space for both pedestrians and cyclists which then connects back into
    the C9 track at the junction. It can be accessed via the controlled
    crossing point to the south of Kew Bridge. The onward connection to
    Wellesley Road is also now complete for those wishing to continue onto
    C9. TfL is very pleased to have been able to support the delivery of
    safer segregated cycle facilities on the A307 Kew Road. However, I
    accept there is a gap in the cycling provision, particularly for
    people cycling from the south of the river. I would like to see a
    high-quality connection between Richmond's new trial cycle lanes on
    the A307 Kew Road and Cycleway 9 at Kew Bridge, closing this gap in
    the network, and have asked TfL to work with Richmond to develop
    options for doing this.


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